Wet Slips

Wet slips are rented on an annual basis only.

The contract period is from April 1 thru March 31.

Our wet slips include: free Wi-Fi, use of water on the dock, use of the bathhouse, beach, picnic tables, and grills as well as clubhouse membership.

The length is determined by measuring the overall length of the boat from the swim platform to the bow pulpit.

The annual rate is determined by multiplying the overall length of the boat by $95 per year. (i.e. 32′ boat x $95.00 = $3,040.00 per year).

The minimum amount charged for a slip is $2,280.00. If your boat measures less than 24′, and the rate calculated for your boat is less than $2,280.00, then you will be charged the minimum amount of $2,280.00.

If you would like to pay for your annual contract in 4 equal payments, you may do so by adding 10% to the annual rate (Ex. $2,280.00+ $228 = $2,508.00/4 = 4 quarterly payments of $627.00).

Quarterly payment terms are only available with an annual contract. Due dates for each quarter are April 1, July 1, October 1 and January 1.

Includes use of water on the dock, clubhouse membership, bathhouse, beach, picnic tables and grills. Does not include haulout or winter storage on land or in boathouse (all are available for an additional fee). Unsecured trailer storage is available for $500 a year or $50 per month. 30 amp metered electric is available with a $25 annual access fee and usage is billed monthly with a $15 per month minimum charge (billed only during month or partial month boat is in slip).
Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Marina.

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